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It took 7 Riverside cops to toss me from the gym - Topless Sports News

Nov. 29th, 2006

01:33 am - It took 7 Riverside cops to toss me from the gym

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Tonight I traveled with the LA City College (CITY) Men's Basketball Team who were facing Riverside City college, the top-ranked team in California. City has traditionally been Riverside's daddy, but this is a down year for our team Riverside, like every team in Southern California was drooling at the opportunity to lay the smackdown on our team while they're still beatable.

It was an UGLY game for both teams. City has their defense so they made Riverside look bad, but our offense was a MESS, because we don't move well without the ball and make soft passes, so we were committing AWFUL turnovers, and lots of them, at least 30.

City had just cut the game to 2 or 3 - I can't remember now - with 70 seconds left in the game, when the ref (THEY WERE SPECTACULARLY BAD!) called a phantom foul on City, and then they slapped our Coach with a technical. That means they get 2 sets of free throws and possession. I was so pissed. I stood up and I screamed "REF'S - DON'T - DECIDE - GAMES!" over and over until the Riverside fans started screaming "Go back to LA!" To which I countered "Go back to your mobile homes, Riverside!" Then I went back to my mantra. Then, with about 35 seconds left in the game, I saw the cops running up the steps, so I moved to the other end of the bleachers. They finally caught up to me with 8 seconds left in the game, and they ordered me to leave! I asked them innocently, "What did I do?" and then "Don't I even get a warning?" and then with 3 seconds in the game, they said "This is your warning; Leave now!" So I did.

The best part was when I moved to the opposite corner of the bleachers by the City bench when I saw the cops coming.

Riverside's Athletic Director followed me from the floor and gave me an evil Republican stare as if I had commandeered the public address system and announced I was giving free abortions at the snack bar, so I winked at him. He was PISSED! Anyway - I had a great time at the game today, even though we both stunk up the joint. There is no way Riverside is the top team in the state. City has a bad team this year, and we could have won this game. Either this is an early season overrating, or the North is becoming the dominant region in Cali Juco hoops.

I think the Riverside A.D. is a pussy for sicking the police on me. Last I heard this is still a free country, but then again, I was in Riverside.


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