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Bodybag Games - NCAA Hoops - Topless Sports News

Nov. 22nd, 2006

08:58 pm - Bodybag Games - NCAA Hoops

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My sports background is in collegiate basketball, having worked with one of the top Junior College teams in the country, and many of the players who I have worked with are playing for some of the top Division-1 programs in the country. I think that college hoops is the most pure version of the game in the country, because for the most part, the athletes are playing for the thrill of competition and not for the thrill of earning an 8-figure payday.

The one instance where this is not true - aside from a few of the top-ten teams (not named UCLA) are the early-season "bodybag" games. These are the games where the top teams in the country host some of the worst teams in the country on their homecourts. The visiting team takes a beating, and the top teams write them a high-five to low-six figure check for their troubles. The good team gets to look dominant in front of their boosters and local fans, while the crappy team gets a free road trip and money to finance the bad programs next over-paid contract for the next coach they hire to attempt to turn their joke of a program into a collegiate power that will seduce wealthy boosters to cut checks for the athletic department.

Examples of YESTERDAY'S bodybag games include, and are not limited to:

#1 Florida 94 - Prairie View 33.

#7 Wisconsin 64 - Delaware State 52

#10 Kansas 89 - Tennessee State 54

Meanwhile - UCLA defeated traditional powerhouse Kentucky on a neutral court.

I have no problem with these lesser teams trying to rev up their games and their programs by facing ranked opponents, but lets not lose sight of what is really going on. The majority of these top programs are losing their credibility by wasting their limited schedule with these thrid-rate teams, and these third-rate teams are exploiting their student-athletes, by shilling them out for games where they know they are going to get clobbered, solely for a big check, which of course, is not distributed to the players at all.

When you're playing a game to stay within 20 points, you are insulting the integrity of the game. The point of the game is to win. Losing by only 16 doesn't make you a winner, it confirms you are a loser. Athletic Directors who are instilling this winning by losing close for a paycheck mentality, are the worst kind of losers, and they should be removed from amature athletics, since their intentions are purely fiscal related.

What is your opinion?

As always, your comments and criticisms are always appreciated.

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