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Who do you think should challenge Ohio State in the BCS Championship? - Topless Sports News

Nov. 25th, 2006

12:46 pm - Who do you think should challenge Ohio State in the BCS Championship?

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Tonight is the annual USC/Notre Dame game, and this year, for a change, the two teams have more on the line than pride and recruiting gains. This year, both teams have a shot at the National title.

Going into the weekend, the Top 6 were as follows: 1. Ohio State (clinched spot in BCS Championship) 2. Michigan, 3. USC, 4. Florida, 5. Notre Dame, 6. Arkansas.

Since Arkansas lost to LSU on Friday, they are completely out of it now, so I've eliminated tham from BCS contention, even though, they would have needed help, because they were destroyed by the Trojans at the beginning of the season.

Michigan has a great claim for the second spot in the championship game, because their only loss was by a field goal to the top-ranked Ohio State, and they also spanked Notre Dame earlier in the season. Their two biggest obstacles now are the fans displeasure with re-matches, and the fact that their regular season is finished. At this point, they are what they are, and they have to wait to see where all the marbles land.

USC also has a legitimate claim on the number 2 spot if they also beat Notre Dame. The Trojans have clearly been the dominant team for the last several years, and they will have 2 quality wins. They will also have to beat UCLA next week, and I would be psyched to see them destroy the season for the "University of Spoiled Children." If they win out though, it will be hard to deny them a shot at the title.

Florida also deserves a shot at the title if they win out, because the SEC is the toughest division, where every game (with the exception of Vanderbilt) is a tough game. Florida will have to beat their interstate rival Florida State, who is having a down season, and then probably a Top Ten ranked LSU in the SEC Championship game. If the Gators win out, it will be awfully dificult to justify denying them a shot at the championship.

Notre Dame - the top independent team in the nation played a weaker than usual schedule this season, and I have to say, any tam who schedules three military acadenies in the same season is taking the eas way out. Those games to me are the equivillent of playing Division 1-AA teams, and ultimately that may be their undoing this season. The other issue, which is even more damning, is that the Irish already lost UGLY in their matchup to No. 2 Michigan AT SOUTH BEND! In my opinion, there is no justifiable way that the Irish can play for the National title this year.

So who do I choose to face the Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl? If al the teams win out, I will give my imaginary vote to FLORIDA. I think their loss to Auburn @ Auburn is a more justifiable loss than USC's blunder against Oregon State. I also believe you have to give the champion of the toughest conference extra points. Michigan's is also a worthier challenge to Ohio State than USC, but because they will not even win the conference title, I can't justify overlooking a conference champion for a conference runner up.

So there you have my opinion. If all the top teams win out, my choice for the BCS Championship is


Who would you like to see in the BCS Championship?

As always your comments and criticisms are always appreciated.

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