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My F**king Wireless is down - DAMN! - Topless Sports News

Nov. 28th, 2006

12:47 pm - My F**king Wireless is down - DAMN!

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My Wireless provider at the Topless Sports News Studio (apartment!) has been down for the past couple of days, which is totally fucking up my writing game. During the week, I scan through all of the countries sports stories to find the best one's to write jokes about, and a lot of my work is done on the laptop, from the couch. I may not be able to prepare my script, but the work still has to get done.


I have to attend a hoops game in Riverside tonight, which is a 90-minute drive, there, and an hour's ride back, so I printed out the stories, and I'll go over them with a pen - writing in my comments and punchlines. Lucky for me, my neighbor Hillary, who I've never met, has a wireless system, and she doesn't secure it. so, when the time comes for me to transfer, I will just plug into hers.

My philosophy is that obstacles in the road, whether you drive around it or drive through it, keep the drive interesting. No matter what - The show only goes on!

Thanks Hillary - Whoever you are.

Be sure to catch Multiple AVN Nominee, Sunny Lane in her debut performance as out anchor at WWW.TOPLESSSPORTSNEWS.COM and we will have a new show with Sunny - By far, my favorite anchor ever, on Monday!

- Big Scott